Experience You Can Trust

SixtyToForty consultants have been at the heart of customer centric businesses for over twenty years.

Being wholly customer centric ourselves, we have worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes to guide them on their own customer centricity journeys. SixtyToForty consultants have an enviable record of accomplishment in this key business area.

Utilising A Tried & Tested Set Of Tools

Coming together as SixtyToForty in 2015, our consultants follow a proven agile customer centricity modelling process to produce a number of key deliverables which focus on ensuring that you can meet your customer centric business strategy. Our complimentary tools and processes ensure that your business, customers and staff remain “front and centre” at all times.

Taking The Complexity Out Of The Complex

SixtyToForty addresses complex business, culture and technology issues with clarity, common sense, and an open pragmatic approach that our customers and partners value.

We will make a real difference to your organisation by ensuring the adoption of a customer centric approach. Working together, we can take your business to the next level and ensure that it retains its key competitive advantages.

Passionate & Practical

SixtyToForty are a small, and growing, team of highly experienced business and technology consultants who are passionate about ensuring the integrated business becomes a reality, and stays a reality, for our growing customer base.

We work with all sorts of businesses to guide and mentor them their people through all aspects of the integrated business journey and will always go the extra mile to ensure success.