Agile “Best of Breed” Integration

Large, long term, bulk integration projects rarely deliver the true benefits that they set out to achieve. To ensure that we can deliver the required benefits, we break down large scale integrations into smaller “bite size” chunks that deliver real value in much shorter timeframes. This agile approach allows you to continually deliver key benefits to the business.

Vendor Selection & Implementation

Having identified your technical platform and how it is going to deliver the required benefits to the business, SixtyToForty will help you to select, and work with, the right vendors and products to ensure technical success at all levels both for today and into the future.


It is essential that you have right technology deployed in the right way to support your people and their business processes. We are experienced technologists and systems integrators, and we can bring these key skills to bear within, and across, your business.

Removing The Jargon And Delivering Pragmatic Solutions

Technology projects are often shrouded in technical jargon and complex diagrams that can be confusing to non-technical people. Such projects are often really complex, but it’s often a complexity that can be easily explained. We are experts at explaining complex themes in a clear and concise fashion that everyone can understand, whilst still delivering often complicated solutions.